Playing Detective With Checkpoint Therapies

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PLAYING DETECTIVE WITH CHECKPOINT THERAPIES Over the past two weeks, we have discussed cancer immunotherapies that involve training T-cells (the detective warriors of our immune system) into seeking and destroying cancer cells. This week, we will take a look into another approach that has been creating a lot of recent excitement: checkpoint inhibitor drugs. Simply put, investigators believe they have … Read More

Sci Fi Science: Cool In Movies, Cooler In Clinic

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PRIMED TO BEAT PROSTATE CANCER We usually associate vaccines with infectious disease—measles, mumps, and polio. This 20th century miracle of medicine is being rolled out again, but this time with a 21st century mission: target cancer. In this week’s issue, we will continue our discussion of immunotherapies by focusing on two cancer vaccine technologies that could be straight out of an … Read More

Dissolution Of Cancer Club Wanted

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DISSOLUTION OF CANCER CLUB WANTED If you are part of the “cancer club,” it means that you are personally familiar with the devastation cancer causes. Far too many of us are members, whether it is through supporting loved ones with cancer or enduring and persevering with it ourselves. It has long been the goal of physicians and researchers who specialize … Read More

Inhaling Insulin Is A Breath Of Fresh Air

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INSULIN INHALED Injections are a part of life for most diabetics. Type 1 patients inject insulin into themselves multiple times per day, and as many as 40% of type 2 diabetics require at least one daily injection. Thanks to the FDA’s approval of MannKind Corporation’s inhalable insulin therapy called Afrezza, needles just might be a thing of the past for … Read More