Tailoring Stem Cells To Fashion Replacement Organs

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If stem cells have their way, replacement organs may find their place as a plentiful standard of treatment. This pairing prompted us to wonder: what is it about stem cells that make them attractive to organ replacement therapies? The therapeutic potential of stem cells lies in their ability to differentiate into any cell type in the adult human body, depending … Read More

Can Cell Death Keep Cancer Patients Alive?

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Programmed cell death is making a name for itself as a pathway in cancer drug development. We asked ourselves: what is this process known as apoptosis and why is it a sought after drug target? Apoptosis is a system that evolved in cells for detecting damage to DNA and proteins within a cell. As a cell develops, apoptosis can kick in … Read More

Matters Of The Heart

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In a picture perfect game of drug development, Novartis heartily delivered this week with LCZ696. Also propelling the world of cardiovascular disease treatments into high gear is a promising cholesterol therapeutic by Sanofi and Regeneron called alirocumab. Last week, Novartis released a heart failure drug called LCZ696, along with the data behind their highly successful Phase III trial. Novartis is hopeful, … Read More

Breaking The Ice With ALS

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ALS awareness is on the rise, thanks to the ubiquitous ice bucket challenges making worldwide headlines. This social media phenomena prompts us here at WEEKLY to wonder: what is this disease and where does the biotech industry stand? ALS stands for Amyotrophic Lateral Scelerosis. Let’s break it down to its roots: ‘A’ means no ‘Myo’ means muscle ‘Trophic’ means nourishment … Read More