The Bispecific Antibody: A Lethal Hybrid

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Amgen’s acute lymphoblastic leukemia treatment, Blincyto, coasted past the FDA bottleneck ahead of schedule, gaining approval earlier this month as a “first of its kind” immunotherapy. The FDA designated Blincyto as a breakthrough therapy and an orphan product on top of granting a priority review, thus propelling the bispecific antibody (BsAb) to the market five months early. The swift approval … Read More

Hitting The Mark With Alzheimer’s Drug Development

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The biotech world is still aiming to stop Alzheimer’s disease despite many recent drug attempts missing the mark in late phase clinical trials. While the effects of Alzheimer’s are well known (the degeneration of the brain over time due to nerve cell death), the cause of the disease remains a mystery. As people live longer worldwide, the incidence of Alzheimer’s … Read More

Capturing The Running Backs Of Cancer

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After using diagnostic technology to establish the existence of cancer, determining the severity is the next step toward developing a game plan. If metastasis is in the picture, strengthening your defensive line-up is a must. The dissemination of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) from the primary tumor to unaffected tissue is a key step of early stage metastasis. CTCs break away … Read More