Three Parent Babies Approved

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Three Parent In Vitro Fertilization coming soon The U.K. Parliament green-lit “Three Parent In Vitro Fertilization” (TPIVF) legislation last month, setting a precedent and spawning headlines around the globe. Dubbed “three parent babies” by news outlets, the law will allow the procedure to move directly into fertility clinics. The process combines donor mitochondrial DNA with in vitro fertilization to circumvent mitochondrial-based diseases in offspring. Defects in … Read More

The Power Of Oncolytic Viruses

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HBO shines light on novel immunotherapies HBO’s Vice news program selected a few promising technologies from the immunotherapy pipeline to feature in its Killing Cancer episode. Vice’s heartrending human interest stories illustrated the potential of three different developmental drugs: An oncolytic measles virus battling myeloma.  An oncolytic adenovirus fighting a brain tumor. An engineered human immunodeficiency virus knocking out childhood leukemia.  While this program has generated buzz around … Read More

Interchangability Denied To First US Approved Biosimilar

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G-CSF: The original Innovator Sandoz’s (Princeton, NJ) Zarzio rode the first wave into the U.S. biosimilars market after it received FDA approval last week. Zarzio is similar to Amgen’s (Thousand Oaks, CA) Neupogen and both of these medications are recombinant versions of the “go to” stimulator for white blood cell production—known as granulocyte-colony stimulating factor (G-CSF). White blood cells (WBC) … Read More