Ready. Set. CRISPR.

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CRISPR/CAS9 TECHNOLOGY BUILDS UP STEAM The world definitely weighed in after Chinese scientists published a paper detailing the use of CRISPR/Cas9 to edit nonviable human embryo genomes. While the embryos used were never intended to become a living human being, this controversial milestone created a firestorm of opinion. Tweets, blogs, and mainstream news stories were abuzz about the opening of Pandora’s box. … Read More

The Rise Of Nanomedicine

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Biotech Teams Up with Nanotech Imagine swallowing a pill containing microscopic magnets. After these “magnetic nanoparticles” make their way to the stomach, they are absorbed into the bloodstream to uncover disease associated proteins and other molecules. Envision these tiny explorers relaying their findings to a band worn discretely on your wrist. The potential to identify disease early with nanoparticles, rather than later with more conventional technologies, is a game … Read More

Targeting Breast Cancer

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The Subtypes of Breast Cancer Hearing your doctor utter the words HER2-positive, HR-positive, triple-negative, or BRCA mutation can be devastating—even for the most resilient person. Simply put, all are linked to breast cancer. Breast cancer is complex and a diagnosis can be caused by all, some, or even none of the factors listed above. In fact, the National Cancer Institute’s (Bethesda, … Read More

The Science Behind The Blockbuster Drugs Of Tomorrow

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Billion Dollar Mechanisms Of Action The Most Promising Drugs of 2015—a Thomson Reuters Cortellis Competitive Intelligence report—includes several new drugs with predicted sales of $1 billion plus by 2019. Those on the list are well on their way to winning or have recently won FDA approval and the fervor around their potential has caught the biotech world by storm. While stock gurus are passing … Read More