A Health Crisis In The Making

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The Race Against Nash A silent epidemic creeping upon the Western world pushed the headline grabbing acquisition of a Phase 1 non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) drug last week. Boehringer Ingelheim (Ingelheim, Germany) acquired Pharmaxis (Sydney, Autralia) due to the promise of PXS4728A. Several other companies also have NASH drugs in development, such as Intercept, Genfit, Gilead, Galmed, Conatus, Raptor, and Galectin Therapeutics. With no approved treatment on the market and liver transplant … Read More

Antisense, RNAi And MicroRNA Explained

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Make Way For RNA Based Therapies The up hill battle of RNA therapeutics to the clinic continues despite extensive use in research. Recall from high school biology that RNA translates DNA code into a language ribosomes can understand in order to make proteins required by the cell. Fighting the good fight are antisense, RNAi, and microRNA. With their high specificity and relative … Read More

Inching Across The Blood-Brain Barrier

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A Constant Hurdle in Drug Delivery When it comes to achieving success in drug development, picking the right drug target and developing an effective inhibitor (or activator) is only half the battle. A drug candidate may appear promising in cell-based testing—and even in preclinical testing—but still fail to work in humans. It simply does not get to where it needs to be … Read More

Packing A Punch With The Immune System

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THE INNER WORKINGS OF YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM What do monoclonal antibodies, CAR-T therapy, and 3D vaccines all have in common? They are immunotherapies, or therapies that activate a patient’s own immune system to fight or prevent a disease. While immune system activation can help save a life, an overactive immune system can potentially attack the body it is charged with … Read More