Stopping The Hedgehog

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Signal Transduction Pathways

The Science Behind The Latest FDA Approval Strong Phase II data launched Novartis’ (Basel, Switzerland) Odomzo to an accelerated FDA approval for basal cell carcinoma last week. The company skipped Phase III testing for the skin cancer drug because 58% of patient’s tumors either shrank or disappeared in Phase II. Odomzo is approved for patients whose basa l cell carcinoma has returned after surgery … Read More

A Drop Of Biotech

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Basics of Blood Disorders Blood is the carrier of a multitude of fundamental body processes—responsible for delivering vital nutrients/oxygen and for removing wastes. Like the highway exchange feeding a city of life, blood is simply essential. The branch of medicine concerned with the study, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of blood related diseases is known as hematology. This single therapeutic area covers a broad range … Read More

The Realm Of Next Generation Sequencing

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Breaking Down The Genome A billion dollar budget, a decade of work, and multinational collaboration brought the first human genome sequence—via the Human Genome Project—to the world at the turn of the century. Today, using so-called “next-generation sequencing (NGS),” an individual human genome sequence costs a mere $1,000 and takes 24 hours. Even greater advances in cost saving and time are expected in … Read More

Targeting The Cause Of Cystic Fibrosis

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Biotech Changes The Game The FDA approval of Vertex Pharmaceutical’s (Boston, MA) Orkambi last week further shifted the paradigm of treating cystic fibrosis (CF) for up to half of its sufferers—moving from a management of symptoms approach to targeting the underlying cause. Until very recently, the only strategy against CF involved reducing the risk of lung infections by taking mucus thinning medications and antibiotics—and rarely, late stage bilateral lung transplants. CF … Read More

What The Heck Is qRT-PCR Diagnostics?

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From Impossible to possible The genetics of cancer has progressed from the impossible to a multifaceted mountain of possible. Comprehensive projects in whole genome sequencing and tumor genome sequencing are providing data to unravel the genetic predispositions of cancer. The other half of possible lies in quantitative PCR. This platform technology can identify types of cancer, effective therapeutics, and aggressiveness of the … Read More