A Bone To Pick With Osteoporosis

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The Race To Be The Next Big Bone Drug Amgen’s recent positive Phase III results for an antibody drug is putting it neck and neck with Radius Health’s peptide — the latest in a batch of osteoporosis therapies edging their way to the market. The current widely prescribed generic — bisphosphonate — only works to slow the loss of bone, while these newer drugs add to the therapies that aim to rebuild. … Read More

DMD Makes The Cut

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The Science Behind Sarepta’s Hotly Debated Antisense Drug Sarepta’s (Cambridge, MA) Duchenne muscular dystrophy drug Exondys 51 crossed the finish line earlier this week, with a conditional stamp of approval by the FDA. This hotly debated regulatory result offers new hope for patients and families whose previous treatment options only managed the descent of the disease. Affecting one in approximately 3,500 … Read More

The Tight Junction’s Function

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A Pathway Lies In The Bridge Between Cells Most of us remember from high school biology that cells are the basic building blocks of all living things. Cells join together to form tissues and organs such as hearts, lungs, and livers, which work together to create a functioning human. An adult human body contains trillions of cells, and these cells must … Read More

Zika On The Brain

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The Latest On The Rise Of Zika The spread of the Zika virus is raising alarm bells in the United States, and Congress has yet to pass any legislation to combat the fight. Zika infections reported in Miami confirm the virus’ stateside arrival, pushing residents to take measures to protect their pregnancies from potentially devastating effects. In our previous issue, we explored the underpinnings … Read More

The Long And Short Of AMD

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A Spotlight On One Of The Most Prevalent Eye Diseases It’s easy to take our ability to see for granted. On a day-to-day basis, we rely on vision to process information and to navigate the world without giving it a second thought. For the millions of people affected by eye disease, vision loss, and blindness, impaired vision is a daily reality … Read More