Dodging Another Ebola Outbreak

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Ebola Finally Meets Its Match The headlining Ebola crisis of last summer devastated West Africa, marking the largest outbreak since the discovery of the disease in 1976. The glaring lack of a treatment or vaccine caused the virus to quickly spread within Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Nigeria. A small number of infected healthcare workers were able to receive an experimental antibody known as Zmapp … Read More

12 Biotech Concepts Everyone Should Know

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Our mission here at WEEKLY is to keep your industry knowledge up to date. We will be off Thursday, roasting our turkeys and reminding ourselves that it is not the amino acid tryptophan that makes us drowsy after a Thanksgiving feast—it is the massive carbohydrate intake! Whether you are awaiting a Thanksgiving holiday or it is business as usual, we … Read More

Pursuing The Promise Of Unlimited Platelets

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Universal platelet cells—generated from human induced pluripotent stem cells—made their debut last week, courtesy of Advanced Cell Technology (Marlborough, MA). The possibility of producing platelets—the component of blood that stops bleeding on-demand and circumventing donor rejection—could be a game changer for both platelet transfusions and even other tissue transplants. Universal platelets are free of the infectious agents found in donated … Read More

Tiny Virus, Big Problem

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YEARS IN THE MAKING, EBOLA BUBBLES TO THE SURFACE Bubbling under the surface for years like a volcano packing heat, Ebola erupts into a stark reality for the world health community. First appearring in 1976, Ebola is a classified “Category A” potential bioterrorism agent. With an incubation period of up to 21 days (early symptoms mimick the everyday flu), it is entirely possible that … Read More