The First Three-Parent Baby

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BREAKING DOWN THE SCIENCE & SCRUTINY “World’s First Three-Parent Baby” made headlines in publications ranging from Nature to CNN last week. This human interest story is of a baby boy born in Mexico with genetic material from three different parents, achieved by a technique known as three-parent in vitro fertilization (TPIVF). In this issue, we will explain why TPIVF is used … Read More

Three Parent Babies Approved

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Three Parent In Vitro Fertilization coming soon The U.K. Parliament green-lit “Three Parent In Vitro Fertilization” (TPIVF) legislation last month, setting a precedent and spawning headlines around the globe. Dubbed “three parent babies” by news outlets, the law will allow the procedure to move directly into fertility clinics. The process combines donor mitochondrial DNA with in vitro fertilization to circumvent mitochondrial-based diseases in offspring. Defects in … Read More

Mitochondrial Medicine Going Mainstream?

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MORE THAN “JUST” A POWERHOUSE When we hear the word mitochondria, most of us remember it described in high school biology class as the “powerhouse” of a cell. It is an apt moniker, and not just because mitochondria are the subcellular compartments that convert glucose from our diet into chemical energy that our cells can use to do work. These … Read More